Need a reliable transport company? It is necessary to meet guests from the airport, take everyone to hotels, deliver to a seminar or conference, organize dinner in a restaurant. And all this at different times and different transport. And definitely in time. And by the way, the director needs a separate machine, – a business class .

Such a situation is faced by companies that decided to visit Belarus on a business visit. Of course, to search for a car for rent in one company, and then a minibus for rent in the second is not quite convenient, and costly, both for money and time. We offer full transport support for your employees, which is always planned in advance based on the requirements and requests of the customer, and can be implemented in the form :

  • Transfer to the airport at different times by different cars. We will meet as the head of the company in an elite car, and a group of employees on a minibus;
  • trips around the city on minibuses or luxury passenger coaches, depending on the number of required seats;
  • organization of business trips of high importance in prestigious business class cars.

In the person of Rent Classic Bus you will receive a reliable partner who will take care of your transport. Order a car and bus rental in one company is much easier and cheaper. So you will be assured of the quality of service execution by one carrier from the beginning to the very end. At the same time, you, of course, will win financially, because rental of transport complex is always much cheaper.