Modern, comfortable, fast – that we need in our days. Minibus rental from the company Rent Classic Bus – that’s you need today . Convenience and comfort – the main indicators characterizing passenger transport by minibuses. Rent a minibus is to save money, as they accommodate a large number of passengers, and this is the convenience of transportation, because the car keeps its speed and maneuverability. Rental of minibuses – convenience for passenger transportation to any distance. Rent a minibus with a driver is a very advantageous solution when you want to relax or do important things during the trip (we also provide minibus hire with a driver). Order a taxi minibus vip – the convenience of transporting a large number of people in very comfortable conditions (for example, during the wedding). You can book a minibus for a wedding, for an excursion, for traveling abroad. We offer our minibuses for a day or longer for a moderate fee .


Cost: Contract
20 seats
Designed for travel.

Cost: Contract
19 seats
Designed for your holiday.

Cost: Contract
18 seats
Convenience in every detail.

Cost: Contract
15 seats
The best minibus for travel.